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NeatKitchen.Store On Our Fairtrade Commitment


At NeatKitchen.store, We believe that the Fairtrade model is one that is deeply aligned with our MissionValues and Linked Prosperity business model.

What does Fairtrade mean for NeatKitchen.Store ? Fairtrade puts people first.  It starts with the idea that we have an ethical responsibility to give the best service everyone in the global, especially Our customers, fair prices and fair wages for the products they buy, harvest or make. Fair payments allow them to Buy great Product and best service on their buying experience, we sure that Fairtrade will build a trust relationship between NeatKitchen and hopeful future. Fairtrade celebrates the fact that, in the global economy, sometimes cooperation can deliver better same product outcomes to all customers.
NeatKitchen.Store chose to partner with Fairtrade International because we believe that there is good alignment between its standards and NeatKitchen.Store Mission, (Product, Economic, Social), which holds up our overarching business model of Linked Prosperity for stakeholders throughout our value chain.

What is NeatKitchen.store doing in the Fairtrade world?

NeatKitchen.Store is committed to sourcing Fairtrade-certified ingredients where we can make an impact on bussiness livelihoods. Our focus has been on our Kitchen Accessories We also have opportunities to source Fairtrade-certified nuts. We aim to support smallholders in our supply chain as they build resilient and responsible businesses that create social, economic, and environmental benefits.



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