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We take your concern and our product safety seriously.
Here are Some Q&A that you might want to know about shopping at NEATKITCHEN.STORE

The breakout of coronavirus is everywhere, can I still shop at NEATKITCHEN ?

Yes, our business is on track and running well. Your questions and package
be processed orderly. NEATKITCHEN company do our best to keep our staff safe secure, we take employee's body temperature when they come to the office to make sure they're healthy and disinfect all working areas every day. 

Is it still safe to buy products from NEATKITCHEN at this point?

Yes, our Government has been taking all possible measures to control the
outbreak. Please also refer to the official announcement of WHO and other

We take extra precautions at the warehouse and for the packing process
including disinfection of the facilities to ensure a safe product delivery for. 

Does the coronavirus pass through the products?
How you make sure the product is safe?

Please note that there's no evidence indicating packages or their contents
any risks of viruses. If you do not want to receive the order anymore, you <
request to cancel it on the order detail page.

What will happen about deliveries as the breakout of coronavirus?

There may be some delay in processing and shipping orders due to the re
situation. We’ll be working around the clock to ship your item as soon as
possible and will email you once it is sent out.

Will the package arrive in our country?

At present we haven’t received any notice from the courier about any
restriction, but please pay close attention to the notice of your local post Office
or delivery service.



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